Your Blueprint for Success in Customer Care and Management

Arm your customer facing organization with critical data to drive efficiencies and improve revenue results

Customer Success reps have very clear KPIs – things like Cost to Serve, CSAT Scores, and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) come to mind – but in an environment where work is getting more complex, organizations need to find new ways to improve those metrics and drive productivity.
Do you really know what your best in class agents are doing to succeed? Can you replicate those behaviors? Might there be different processes that can be implemented to streamline the work?

Insights from Prodoscore enable leaders to answer questions like these and more.

The Value of Data Intelligence for Account Managers + Service Desk Representatives

  • Identify and visualize productivity trends
  • Build confidence about usage of cloud application investments
  • Ramp new team members faster and more efficiently
  • Centralize KPI data into one simple dashboard
  • Access internal/external communication to ensure continuous learning
  • Create visibility into customer conversations

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