The cost of losing high and low performers

Approximately 15% of your payroll dollars could be at risk

The value of data in making decisions should come as no surprise. With employee engagement, attrition and retention top of mind in today’s workplace, making smarter decisions about your people is critical.
Employee Burnout
Our data shows that ~10% of your organization contributes about 1 hour and 30 minutes of productivity work each day. Plus, around 5% are at risk of burnout.
Payroll Dollars
Are you wasting payroll dollars? Plug in your numbers in the calculator table to see how much you could be losing.
By providing data-driven and actionable insights into employee contributions, Prodoscore enables organizations to identify areas where productivity can be improved, which can lead to increased profitability and revenue growth. With visibility into which team members may not be meeting certain performance standards or those who are overburdened, leaders can take corrective action, like offering additional training or coaching, or adjusting timelines. The result is a more efficient and productive workforce and reduction in lost payroll dollars.
Low Productivity Employees 10% of workforce
15 employees
Burnout Risk Employees 5% of workforce
7.5 employees

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