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Prodoscore’s Employee Productivity Tracking software gives employers valuable insight into employee productivity by collecting critical engagement data and creating an environment of accountability. By using productivity monitoring software to track the productivity of individuals, teams, and departments, Prodoscore’s productivity monitoring tools identify top-performers and those who may need additional support so you can make smarter decisions about how best to support them. Productivity insights als help you see who is overworked and might be on the verge of burnout before it’s too late.

Armed with these employee productivity insights, you are able to identify coaching opportunities, reward your most productive workers, efficiently distribute workloads, and eliminate the need to micromanage. With Prodoscore, you can make smarter, data-driven human capital decisions.

Understanding employee productivity

Maximize Competitive Edge with Strategic Human Capital Management

Unlocking the full potential of Human Capital Management (HCM) is essential for organizations aiming to optimize and elevate business value, gaining a distinct competitive advantage. Prodoscore data revolutionizes HCM by surfacing opportunities to drive engagement, productivity, and business value. Strategically designed to empower organizations with the ability to make informed and intelligent decisions, Prodoscore is a pivotal tool in the HCM landscape, fostering a more dynamic and positive workplace culture.

Effective Productivity Monitoring Tools

Employee surveillance produces junk data. Our platform focuses on the metrics that matter and merges employee productivity data from your business applications into an easy to use dashboard, presenting it as a simple score. We give you the productivity monitoring tools to visualize employee productivity trends over time so you can make informed business decisions. Productivity tracking data also helps create transparent relationships without awkward one-on-ones by showcasing employee productivity, unreasonable workloads, and team collaboration.
How it Works

Employee performance throughout the day

Effective Employee Productivity Software

Productivity monitoring tools to gain insight into how employees are engaged remotely vs. in-office.

Endless Integrations

Cloud-based API integration means that employee activity data can be captured from multiple devices vs. just a laptop, enabling more flexibility for employees.
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Enterprise-Level Employee Data Solutions

Access engagement and productivity data by department, day and location to understand daily/weekly/monthly data trends, workloads, and more.

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Visualize Employee Patterns

Gauge productivity patterns over a specific period of time to identify busy and slow days, tool usage and productivity by weekday.
Product Features

Replicate Optimal Productivity

Identify behaviors and trends to replicate success and visualize how top performers spend their days.

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Visualize how employees are connected, how they communicate, and what influence they have on each other.
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