ProdoLabs™ is Prodoscore’s newest and most innovative product – a data platform created to enhance existing Prodoscore metrics and turn raw data into actionable insights.

ProdoLabs™ is a think-tank for new ideas and provides an executive-level perspective of your organization’s performance and activity while also enabling benchmarking against organizations in similar industries as well as across different roles.

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Organizational Network Analysis Overview

Recent Findings

Hybrid employees are close to 8% more productive than fully remote employees

Only 16% of managers have daily contact with all of their team members

For one sales organization, A Players work 40 more hours per month than C players

Prodoscore’s Retention Risk report identifies employees who may be at risk of leaving between 6-9 weeks prior to their departure

The bottom 25% of recruiters spend less than 35% of their time on outbound activities and >60% in the Applicant Tracking System

Early adopters of generative AI are significantly more productive than their peers with 12% of high productivity employees using OpenAI

Top areas of focus on the platform with a direct impact on your bottom line

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Meetings Analysis

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Employee Engagement

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Cloud Tool Adoption + Trends

The platform encourages collaborative exploration with external researchers so business leaders can identify new ways to leverage data insights, guided by subject matter experts, and translate those metrics into strategies that will improve people management and increase organizational efficiency.

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Workplace Productivity Comparison

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Cloud Tool Adoption

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Meeting Cost Analysis

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