An Employee Productivity and Data Visualization Solution to Suit Diverse Industries and Unique Departments and Roles

Arm your sales organization with actionable insights to drive productivity and improve revenue results.

For Sales

  • Identify and visualize productivity trends across teams
  • Build confidence about usage of cloud application investments like CRM
  • Ramp AEs faster and more efficiently
  • Centralize KPI data into one simple dashboard
  • Get AI-backed insights on how to mitigate churn and keep employees engaged
  • Turn every manager into a superstar coach
  • Identify coaching opportunities
  • Visualize what “good” and “bad” performance look like
  • Get visibility into activities that drive results
  • Better understand outbound cadences and identify ways to improve
  • Recognize gaps in training and provide needed support
  • Coach based on leading indicators, instead of past performance
  • Uncover actionable insights that will help reps succeed
  • Enjoy autonomy and flexibility
  • Promote transparency in 1:1s
  • Ensure accountability across the team
  • Engage in friendly competition with fellow sales reps
  • Identify opportunities for self-coaching

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