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A data intelligence solution that provides visibility into optimal productivity.

Imagine a world where employees are given clarity on what they need to do to maintain optimal productivity without feeling pressured by meaningless metrics, a world in which they’re being measured on their daily contributions, not by hours worked or projects completed. That’s the world Prodoscore is enabling.

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What We Deliver

An employee-centric productivity and analytics solution that surfaces critical insights around how people work

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Activity Analytics

Visualize how your performers operate to create a foundation for success in process, tool usage and collaboration.

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Flexible Workflow

Gain visibility and accountability needed to let people work however and wherever they work best.

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Employee Development

Access insights around when and how employees work to better understand what makes them perform best and catch any red flags that could cause burnout or churn.

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Performance Management

Create an environment of transparency across teams along with opportunity for self-coaching.

Office Suite, phone system, CRM/ATS, chat tools

How We Do It

Using Machine Learning, AI, & Natural Language Processing, Prodoscore captures thousands of daily activity points across your core business applications – like your Office Suite, phone system, CRM/ATS, chat tools, etc. – to provide meaningful and actionable insights that inform smarter decisions. Our proprietary scoring system serves as a unique foundation to enable trending analysis around work habits, cloud tool adoption, collaboration, and general productivity.

How it Works

Why It Matters

Because to keep up, today’s leaders need to find ways to make people more effective and more efficient. And with a blueprint for employee success, Prodoscore customers can define a smarter plan of action that’s easy to digest and easier to replicate across people and teams.

We are committed to helping organizations unlock the full potential of their workforce. Our comprehensive analytics solution, coupled with our expertise in employee productivity, provides the insights and tools necessary to understand, optimize, and celebrate employee success.

Unlock Employee Success

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Insights with Impact

Prodoscore’s Data Science Team is hard at work every day, digging into the data. They’re looking for trends, outliers and those exciting a-ha moments. Here are some recent highlights.

Productivity dip around April/May compared to Q1

More productivity among hybrid employees vs. fully remote employees

Managers have not spoken to at least 1 of their employees in 1 week

Active work time per day for high productivity employees vs. low productivity employees

Prodoscore in Action

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