An Employee Productivity and Data Visualization Solution to Suit Diverse Industries and Unique Departments and Roles

Visibility into productivity and actionable insights around daily engagement ensure leaders have the data they need to drive results.

For Staffing

  • Find out what your best people are doing so you can augment your onboarding for new hires
  • Identify opportunities to increase activity and drive placements
  • Find new coaching opportunities
  • Build confidence about usage of cloud applications like your RMS
  • Visualize the behavior of top and bottom recruiters
  • Give reps earned autonomy
  • Visualize outbound cadences and identify ways to improve
  • Pinpoint gaps in training and provide needed support
  • Coach based on leading indicators, instead of past performance
  • Ramp recruiters faster and more efficiently
  • Centralize KPI data into one simple dashboard
  • Benchmark your top performers and replicate their performance
  • Identify opportunities to increase activity and placements
  • Enjoy autonomy and flexibility
  • Promote transparency in 1:1s
  • Ensure accountability across the team
  • Engage in friendly competition with fellow recruiters

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Data-Driven Recruitment for Staffing Companies – Why Employee Productivity Monitoring is the Key to Success

It’s not rocket science. Employees who put in the work get the best results. In the staffing industry in particular, there’s a direct link between recruiter productivity and revenue growth – the more work put in, the better the outcome.

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Webinar: How We Create Millions in Financial Value for Staffing Agencies

Gradmor and Prdoscore team up for a discussion about increasing revenue at staffing agencies through productivity enhancements.

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