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Keeping good employees motivated and coaching up employees who put in the effort but may need more support has a significant upside for your organization. When employees leave, it’s not only a financial burden but also typically results in a blow to morale and culture and a loss in overall productivity.

More often than not, employees who show signs of disengagement can be encouraged to stay on board if the intervention happens early enough. And with the right metrics, leaders can see those signs and make necessary changes, whether extending deadlines, adding support staff, restructuring, or something else.

Use Activity Metrics to Gauge Employee Engagement

With insight into employee activity such as, internal collaboration, daily work habits, and cloud tool usage, managers can identify when an employee starts to veer off course. Are they less collaborative? Spending less time in meetings? Limiting cloud tool usage? Prodoscore data shows that six weeks before attriting, employees typically start to disengage from the business. With that insight, managers can step in before an employee decides to leave and offer help.

Recognize and Reward Performance

By surfacing daily contributions, productivity data helps highlight employee effort and paves the way for often missed recognition. Recognition for hard work typically boosts morale, motivation, and job satisfaction, ultimately improving employee retention. Stay interviews are another great way to keep up and retain top talent.
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Identify and Eliminating Roadblocks

Productivity roadblocks can be subtle yet pervasive, silently hindering employee performance and impeding overall team success. Prodoscore’s data-driven insights help identify these roadblocks, whether they stem from inefficient workflows, communication gaps, or a lack of clear performance expectations. By shedding light on these obstacles, organizations can proactively address them, creating an environment that fosters efficiency and empowers employees to excel.

Employee success is not merely about working harder; it’s about working smarter. With access to the right data, leaders can identify and replicate the strategies and behaviors of top performers, enabling others to emulate their success. By understanding the habits and techniques of high-achievers, organizations can cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, where best practices are shared and adopted across the team.

Effective Employee Productivity Software

Productivity monitoring tools to gain insight into how employees are engaged remotely vs. in-office.

Endless Integrations

Cloud-based API integration means that employee activity data can be captured from multiple devices vs. just a laptop, enabling more flexibility for employees.
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Enterprise-Level Employee Data Solutions

Access engagement and productivity data by department, day and location to understand daily/weekly/monthly data trends, workloads, and more.

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Visualize Employee Patterns

Gauge productivity patterns over a specific period of time to identify busy and slow days, tool usage and productivity by weekday.
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Replicate Optimal Productivity

Identify behaviors and trends to replicate success and visualize how top performers spend their days.

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Visualize how employees are connected, how they communicate, and what influence they have on each other.
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